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AJ has been with Santa Monica Flyers since the beginning of his training and is now the Chief Flight Instructor. He holds a Commercial Certificate with an Instrument Rating, and a Flight Instructor Certificate with a Gold Seal. Having amassed over 3,000 hours of dual instruction given, as Chief CFI he oversees Santa Monica Flyers' flight training operations, including recurrent training, proficiency checks, stage checks, FAA special emphasis education, stall/spin awareness and upset recovery training, staff development, CFI recruiting and training.

AJ also enjoys teaching aerobatics and tail-wheel operations in the flight school's Super Decathlon. You'll often find him doing loops and barrel-rolls in the Long Beach practice area when the sky is blue and the air is crisp.

AJ is best known for a cool, calm demeanor, a thorough knowledge of everything aerodynamics, training the best flight instructors in SoCal and holds the record highest ping-pong score at Santa Monica Airport.